courtlandAvailable in multiple colors, this product is a great way to achieve a high end flagstone look and feel at a minimal cost. This product is excellent not only for walkways, but patios and driveways as well.

crimsonCaledon Crimson silversandSilversand Quarry TanQuarry Tan
Courtland Full Stone
15.32 x 12.5 x 2.76 (in)
389 x 318 x 70 (mm)
Courtland Half Stone “Left”
7.64 x 12 x 2.76 (in)
194 x304 x 70 (mm)
Courtland Half Stone “Right”
7.64 x 12.4 x 2.76 (in)
194 x 315 x 70 (mm)
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