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Affordable Hardscape & Garden Supplies

At Beste’s Lawn & Patio Supply, Inc. we offer the finest customer service and products! We carry an extensive lineup of lawn and garden products. During the fall and winter months, We have salt, firewood, and straw thats needed for Michigan weather. In the spring and summer months, visit us for all the flowers, topsoil, pavers and lawn care products you need to make your yard look its best.
At Beste’s Lawn and Patio Supply, we have everything you need for your next yard project.

tractor landscape loader


Do you need items in bulk? At Beste’s, we carry bulk quantities of everything you need. Items such as mulch, salt, crushed cement, sand and other bulk items are all available. We support contractors and are always ready to provide for any size project. For small at home DIY projects, you can bring in your own containers to purchase bushels in all of our material, or bring your truck to get loaded up.

Soil in bags


Only need a few bags to get the job done? Bestes carries multiple types of bagged products and variations in brands for each type. At bestes Landscape, bag products are in abundance. Between soils, sands, and stone we have you covered!

patio blocks and pavers


At Bestes Landscape Supply we have a variety of in-stock pavers and retaining walls. We supply and support all Michigan made brick companies from Fendt, Oaks, Unilock, and Best Block. If a specific paver is needed by our customers we order it directly from the supplier with no additional cost. We also have trained professionals working with customers to ensure the correct block and measurements are all put in order before any product is ordered or supplied. We know laying pavers is hard work and we pride ourselves in making the process as easy as possible.

winter snow road


Salt, straw, and firewood are always available all year around. With ice melt, calcium chloride, straw blankets and seasoned firewood on hand, Bestes can make the winter time a breeze with a one stop shop to prepare for the cold!



Boulders come in many shapes and sizes. The staff at Bestes will help you find the perfect one for your garden project. Our boulders are measured by weight and can be loaded or delivered!

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straw bale


Straw is avalible all year around, and comes in bales, half bales, and rolls. We keep our straw dry and covered all year long to ensure the best product for our customers!

garden paver and wall hardscape backyard


At Bestes, finding the right pavers for your hardscape job is easy and stress free. Bestes staff is trained and knowledgeable in all things pavers! We can help you get started with the process, figure out how much you need and explain the best ways for a DIY project to come to fruition.

Firewood stack facecord


Firewood is a must for cold nights and those with wood burning stoves! Our Firewood is always seasoned and sold in bulk, and bundles with a variety of sizes to accommodate our customers. As warrens #1 source we also offer Delivery of firewood and other bulk materials call now to get a quote at 586-776-1794

sod roll


Sod is available during the warmer months on hand, or for larger orders available through delivery or pickup! We make sure our sod is fresh and ready for pickup or delivery. Seed for your lawn is always in stock at Bestes with options depending on your yard type!

hydroponics gardening


Inside Bestes holds a vast amount of hydroponics products including pots, trays, nutrients, and more with numerous brands to choose from!

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