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Everyone gardens differently, and personally I love to experiment with new ways of doing it! Here are 5 creative garden bed ideas for your next project.

1. Vertical Garden

Some of the most beautiful and creative gardens I’ve seen this year have been placed like this. A vertical set up saves an incredible amount of space for those who would love a garden, but not a cramped backyard. If you live in apartments and want to add a little greenery to a balcony, this is a perfect idea for you! A nice treated plyboard with some 2×4’s angled off of it, is a great way to DIY your own without having to permanently fix the boards onto a fence or wall.

2. Classic Garden Boxes

For the old school garden box lovers, these are still on trend! The boxes are sold at most garden supply stores, or easily made DIY! The boxes that really stand out are multi sized ones like in the picture below where one might be taller or longer than the other, and usually stained to add a pop of color to match your garden design. These are the easy classics that I grew up on and will always be partial to.

3. Table/Standing Box

A standing garden box is not only better for your back, but makes a great accent piece for your garden or patio! When I was first introduced, I knew they would be a game changer for me. Not only does this help with drainage for keeping the soil from being overwatered, but creates a multi level stand for more plants underneath! this is a feature I’ve found to save water in my own garden!

4. Shelf box

Whether you want pots, or full boxes, a shelved unit can be a great statement piece that leaves an ample amount of space when working in smaller areas. These shelves are easily found at most home décor stores. Creating a layered affect with full plants is a beautiful addition to any garden, and can be made very minimalistic depending on your choice of shelves! Indoors or outdoors, this type of garden box defiantly has its perks.

5. Tiered Garden Box

This style of box is not just pretty, but efficient. The stacked boxes not only protect your plants, but also create a longer growing season. Because these types of stacked boxes will stay warmer for longer, your gardening time is extended! These are statement pieces that can resemble any structure, and come in a variety of styles or shapes. Tiered garden boxes really are a perfect garden centerpiece.

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May 24, 2023

All of these are great ideas for gardens and all of them looks like they can be made as a diy project.

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